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Folding partition wall types

Folding partition walls also called collapsible partition walls, or movable partition walls are acoustic panels designed to rapidly and effectively separate commercial spaces. Fabmac folding partition walls are designed to fold if in pair or moved individually and stored in a stacking area when not in use. The folding panels are suspended by a wide range of track rail systems following frameworks. Each folding panel has mechanical top and bottom retractable seals that stretch out to hold the panel in place and keep sound from travelling through the collapsible partition wall.

Types of folding walls

Paired or omnidirectional wall panels: These are folding wall panels that are designed to slide along a connected ceiling track rail system. Each panel can slide by a single hanging wheel which can rotate 360 degrees or two hanging wheels that enables it to glide effortlessly. The panels are packed and stored remotely in its stacking area when not in use and spread out to make a temporary acoustic wall when extended.

The panels are furnished with mechanical top and base retractable seals which stretch in and out (when needed) to seal the boards in place and keep sound from travelling through or around the panels.

It has a sound transmission coefficient range of 32Db to 55Db. They are commonly used in hotels, convention-centres, schools, religious facilities, hospitals and commercial office spaces.

Paired folding movable partition wall

Automated train panels: Automated train panels are associated together in a train, automatically stretching out as one complete unit. Automated partition walls encourage brisk arrangement time and give productive and advantageous division. Automated operations of the panel enable quick arrangement without the requirement for physically moving each panel into place. They have a sound transmission coefficient range of 32Db to 55Db.

Electric train folding wall

Accordion Doors or Concertina Doors: These collapsing dividers are economical moveable dividers that can rapidly and proficiently separate a room. In any case, the wall doesn't flatten totally when the accordion is broadened, thus the name "accordion". These collapsing dividers cannot perform at the same level acoustically as the flat wall movable wall partitions but are less expensive.

Accordion Doors

Frameless/Framed movable glass walls: Movable glass partitions are also designed to slide along a connected ceiling track rail system. Its has no floor tracks, and the glass panels are fixed by floor pins when they are extended to keep them safe and steady. It has top and bottom aluminium/stainless hardware clip to hold its tempered glass. It has a sound transmission coefficient of 15Db and 44Db for double glazed framed.

Frameless movable glass wall

Retractable Partition Walls: These systems are like both single-board segments, naturally stack vertically inside the ceiling. With a simple push of a button, these panels withdraw up into the ceiling without the requirement for either ceiling or floor stockpiling pocket. The picture beneath shows how the single board vertically stacking segments works.

Vertical retractable wall

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